Smart Card Based ID Card Solution

Application & services based on:

Beneficiary Enrollment Process Of RSBY.

The insurance company sends their representative to each enrollment station with the enrollment kit. The enrollment kits carried to a location would have the following data pre-populated:

  • Beneficiary data pertaining to the location (ELsoftlage/Panchayat)
  • Master tables for the ELsoftlage, state, District codes, etc. as per the beneficiary data.
  • Insurance Company ID, Policy number, Policy starts & end date and other data pertaining to the Insurance Company
  • At the camp, the government official (FKO) identifies every beneficiary in the presence of the Insurance Company's representative based on the hard copy of the beneficiary list.
  • Only such beneficiaries as are registered in the list provided by the nodal agency can be considered for enrollment. Fresh additions to the beneficiary list cannot be carried out in this process during that particular year.
  • The FKO/ enrollment team should carry the Data collection form to fill in the details of people protesting against exclusion from the list or requesting for addition of dependents. This set of forms should be deposited back at the DKMA office along with the card at the end of the camp.
  • Personalization of Smart cards
  • The enrolled data are available on the personalization system (The enrollment and personalization systems may be the same or separate systems co located).
  • Electronic Personalization only, i.e., only certain data in the chip in an existing card needs to be updated. Full details have been given in the RSBY Enrolment & card Issuance specifications and can be referred from
  • Full Personalization i.e., Physical printing as well as electronic personalization of a new card is done using this process. Full details are given in the RSBY Enrolment & card Issuance specifications and can be referred from
  • The Card gets printed physically with the Head of the family's photograph & other details and the Chip can be personalized with the beneficiary family's data, photograph, fingerprints and insurance details.
  • Based on the beneficiary details (Name, Father's name), the record would be pulled out from the database and displayed to the beneficiary. The text details already available in the database would be verified with the beneficiary present by the FKO. Age & Gender of all members, including head of the family (HoF), can be modified. Names of ONLY dependents may be modified. Relationship CANNOT be modified.
  • Photographs of the head of the family and of the complete family to be enrolled would be taken Two Fingerprints of each of the family members being enrolled captured. The primary fingerprints to be captured would be right & left thumb. However, in case the print is not of good quality or either/ both thumbs missing, sequence of other fingers is defined in the enrollment specification and can be referred from
  • Since the card would be issued in the name of the head of the family (including the photograph on the card), it is required that the head of the family is being present at the time of enrollment. However, in case the head is not available due to death or absence, the spouse of the head would be enrolled as the head of the family and the card will be issued. It is at the discretion of the head (or spouse) to select the other 4 members of the BPL list to be enrolled to the card. In case all or some other family members are not present at the enrollment camp, they can subsequently be added to the card at the District kiosk.
  • In case all or some other family members are not present at the enrolment camp, they can subsequently be added to the card at the District kiosk.
  • The enrollment camps shall not cater to issuance of duplicate cards or card modification. However, if requested, splitting of card may be carried out. This means single family getting two cards: one main and one duplicate.

Issuance & Activation of Smart cards

  • The government official (FKO) would verify the card.
  • The data in the chip confirm the head of the family details
  • Insert the Issuer Authority card into the card reader and authenticate it through his fingerprint.
  • Unique keys for the beneficiary card is generated by the Issuer Authority card and written to the chip of the card.
  • The card is now active and ready for transaction
  • The details of issuance, including ID of the Issuer Authority get stored in the database.
  • A record is also stored in the Issuer Authority's card for conformance of cards personalized.
  • The card would be handed over to the beneficiary after collecting Rs.30/- and verification of fingerprints along with a booklet which provides:
  • Key features of the scheme
  • Helpline numbers
  • Process for reissuance of cards
  • Details of empanelled hospitals
  • List of exclusions
  • Address and details of District Kiosk
  • Toll free helpline number
  • Start and End Date of the Policy
  • All other details required for smooth usage of card
  • It is the responsibility of the Insurance Company to print and make these booklets available in sufficient numbers at the enrolment camps.
  • It is the responsibility of the service provider to have a backup of the enrolment & personalization data at the district server.
  • The enrolment data needs to be provided to the State Nodal Agency and MoLE by the insurer regularly. Insurer has to send daily report and periodic data to both State Nodal Agency and MoLE.
  • The biometric data (including photographs & fingerprints) is thereafter provided to the state nodal agency in the prescribed format at the end of enrolment process.

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