Ciera is Implementing GPS and GPRS solution to their customers for tracking of the Vehicle and Assets for the Manufacturing and Logistic domain. Our solutions are user friendly and modular. We make the affordable solution on the basis of the requirement of the customer business.

GPS tracking systems used in commercial fleets are often configured to transmit location and telemetry input data at a set update rate or when an event (door open/close, auxiliary equipment on/off) triggers the unit to transmit data. Live GPS Tracking used in commercial fleets, generally refers to systems which update regularly at 1 minute, 2 minutes or 5 minutes intervals, whilst the ignition status is on. Some tracking systems combine timed updates with heading change triggered updates.

Our applications of trackers include:

  • Fleet control. For example, a delivery or taxi company may put such a tracker in every of its vehicles, thus allowing the staff to know if a vehicle is on time or late, or is doing its assigned route. The same applies for armoured trucks transporting valuable goods, as it allows to pinpoint the exact site of a possible robbery.
  • Stolen vehicle searching. Owners of expensive cars can put a tracker in it, and "activate" them in case of theft. "Activate" means that a command is issued to the tracker, via SMS or otherwise, and it will start acting as a fleet control device, allowing the user to know where the vehicle is.
  • Animal control. When put on a wildlife animal (e.g. in a collar), it allows scientists to study its activities and migration patterns. Animal tracking collars may also be put on domestic animals, to locate them in case they get lost.
  • Espionage/surveillance. When put on a person, or on his personal vehicle, it allows the person monitoring the tracking to know his/her habits. This application is used by private investigators.
  • These devices are also used by some parents to track their children school vehicle. Their timing to reach the nearest stop. System also can be sends messages when vehicle reach to office.

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